Friday, 18 March 2011

Non-practitioners preach Non-violence

Non-practitioners preach Non-violence
Violence by Proxy

Non-Violence – Ahinsa – proclaimed, preached and practiced by Mahavira, Buddha, any others, or M K Gandhi: Does it absolve ruthless 'Violence by Proxy' such as, mass destruction of biodiversity, by a few Powerful, for Industry, Trade, Power, Profit & Energy etc?
Tentacles: Violence by Proxy

Why then non-practitioners i.e. pundits, statesman etc. should preach non-violence to the poor, Rebellion-the-People, who like birds & animals, sustained for ages on Mother Nature's Gift – Biodiversity?

For (day to day) Example:
This web page / Post / email that moves from a PC through transmission – mass storage – satellite - cable - network etc to a PC. It consumes raw materials (mining), processes (industry-trade-transport) and energy, which affect ecology and environment at universal level, though may not be visible globally i.e. The First World Societies. Even if ‘not visible’, yet it affects our Natural Faculties or our natural Intrinsic and Autonomous functions: "Work, Leisure, Health, Learning and Propagation".

For (recent) Example:
How will the recent blasts in the nuclear power plants in Japan affect Climate, Biodiversity, Land, Waters, Air and Living beings on Earth? No. We are not talking of either Economy or Energy!

For (Local) Example:
Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project (JNPP) is in the world known Biodiversity Hotspot, a rice bowl, a Seismic Zone (close to Koyana Dam), in Konkan, Maharashtra, India. Local PEOPLE don't want it.
Accumulated Energy, by any means, in any form is never safe; that include Human Energy.
Human Energy, in individual or Collective, is dynamic entity, if not creatively directed... could wipe out civilized society itself.
People in Konkan Region don't want SEZs, mining, as well as JNPP, as these will affect rich Biodiversity of the region. Yet the State Govt. is adamantly averse to People's wisdom.
Will buffoons in high places learn ever? Hiroshima. Bhopal. Chernobyl. Tokyo... And they talk of Economy and Energy, not the1bn Human Energy?

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  1. Many times I feel that 'violence' is part of Nature.. so complete non-violence in kind of a Utopian idea. However, if I have to choose between the two, I try to consciously choose non-violence, though it mostly fails to fetch in desired result. (Maybe I am not 'completely' non-violent!)

    We as citizens have to keep on trying so that the government is forced in making probably more non-violent choices through its policies. One cannot anticipate long term results - but those which are clearly violent should be avoided at all costs.

    I guess, there are boundaries to every emotion/instinct - and these boundaries keep on changing without any logic. They are too elastic. So, one has to keep on struggling with 'right and wrong' or 'less wrong and more right' all the time! The process is important and not the end result.

  2. @ aativas :
    Thanks for your response. I personally have a simple “formula” that is to differentiate between “NEEDS” and “WANTS”, ruthlessly – and wouldn’t even wish to impose on others. I personally don’t decide these on the basis of any authority, Mahavira, Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi or any other…

  3. Recent tsunami at Japan and its subsequent effects show how the natural calamity tested the public life, leave aside other life-forms, in general and the limits of science-technology in particular. It challenges the Ego of the Industrial Society, and its blind believer.