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The Youth in Life and Letters Now

 The Youth in Life and Letters Now

“The full potential of human creativity has not yet been tapped. Along with the ever-increasing miracle of love, this fact is one of the brightest hopes for human race” (Ben Okri, ‘A way of Being Free’, 1999, P.28)
Srishtiyoga - Way of Mother Nature

ACADEMIC year is about to begin: This issue is faced by a particular segment of 1200 plus million people. For the other segment of Indian society faces how to make both ends meet: their daily bread.

The elite youth (m/f) are now carrier-oriented (seeking affluence). They go through grading (degrading), reward (punishment), competition, pampering, pressures, info bombardment... blah, blah, blah.

EDUCATION is groomed to serve Industrial Society. Advent of Industrial Society brought break up of existing i.e. pre-Industrial Society, then came the breakup of family; now break up of nuclear family. (Check no. of divorce cases in family courts at metro cities.)

But this education has no social (read life supportive) orientation. Hence numbers of institutions (expertise) flourish to take over our personal and societal domain to solve our problems, which replaced the elders (put away in the homes for the aged). The result is present Mass Society that faces Identity Crisis.

WE, therefore, want to establish and/or assert our individuality or identity, where and when possible (e.g. in social networks, or looking for life partner on Internet), and even within family!

What is forgotten by the expertise is that human being is a dynamic entity. Hence generalizations fail: such as horoscopes/zodiac signs! Each individual is a unique entity. Humans cannot be graded like apples in the market place. Only awakening of their constructive creativity is in want.

India now is a picture of 'Culture of Contentment' and the Disparity turning into Despair; plurality turning to polarity; the powerful few seeking more power and the poor majority grows with their rising population by Nature's Unwritten Law of Survival of Species.

The million petal Lotus of Indic Culture turning to disintegrated Mass of the Collective, living either in the bygone Past or in speculation i.e. Future.

There is a silent war going on but without a bang. Who does notice it?

Nature knows no borders imposed by Civil Society

Iraq's oil wells were bombarded by Iran, during the war between the two. The soot from burning oil drifted by wind and settled over icy peaks of Himalayas. The black snow melted and came down to Sukhna Lake at Chandigarh. This was minor news.

Nature does not recognize borders of sovereign states, or exchange rates of international currencies, social hierarchies created by civilized societies.

What are our priorities when Life is at stake? Everything in Nature is coordinated and interdependent. Nothing is isolated in various departments. 'Butterfly created a storm' - as a saying goes!

Universal Art for Living

Eight Hours, poster © Ricardo Levins Morales
Let us spare some time for meditation!

Could art of living, or any art, and ambition go ever together? Ambition is for politicians. Laws and acts cannot regulate or control, or even take responsibility of life.

Theories don't create art. Art is transient, beyond space-time. Once done, it is over. In the act of doing there is meditation, discovery, joy, and the very act is the reward. Such an act reaches the state of vocation.

Preparing the canvas of soil, sowing seeds, caring the saplings, harvest as and when, and it is over. Then start to prepare the great canvas again. A farmer works in direct physical contact with Elements – Earth, Water, Fire (Light), Air and Space. Farmer's action, therefore, reaches the level of vocation in creative thinking and action. This vocation is Art for Living that is synonymous to Art of Living! Cooking too is similar ancient art form. When each of seven billion people need reach to 'the full potential of human creativity'.

Life, with all its five autonomous functions -- Work, Leisure, Health, Learning and Propagation -- is provided by Mother Nature to all the life forms, for its sustenance. This happened even before all the gods created by humans: Believe it or not. 

Or ask bacteria, algae, humble grasses, happy grasshoppers, bees and butterflies. But we neither understand their language nor do we ever watch them. Hence we don't know how they sustain.

Better ask ourselves, until the end of our logic. Better that our logic dies by rigorous labour before we die!

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

World Environment Day – 5th June

World Environment Day – 5th June

Srishtiyoga is Communion with Mother Nature
I don’t know about God concept. But surely Mother Nature – Srishti – continues to be deep mystery even though we can see her, touch her, taste her, and feel her within and outside us... The mystery of Mother Nature deepens as more we discover. The Earth is only a minuscule part of her, and human species a speck in a hay stack.

Thankfully, Mother Nature – Srishti – does not have Department of Environment, Department of Ecology and Department of Energy,  like Civilized Societies have. Otherwise all the living beings would have had hard time to Apply, Apply and get No Reply. Mother Nature is ruthless; she is not at all kind like Brand God/s, and she does not recognize either Human Societies or their hierarchies.
Environment, Ecology and Energy in Nature are interrelated with each other. Civilized societies have them divided into separate departments because of the vested interest of Power Blocks among them.

When natural environment becomes unbearable for survival, and if any from civilized societies survive, they will celebrate like Diwali–Dassera!!

Even plants and animals, so also young babies, farmers and Adivasis - aborigines- are aware of environment. Only The First World Citizens, the Educated ignorant, are arrogant to acknowledge existence of Environment, Ecology and Energy that work hand in hand.

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