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Michael Jackson is an epitome of great epoch

Michael Jackson's an epitome of great epoch

Michael Jackson passes away. His death as well as his life in music sent waves in media, and his fans.

The circumstances of his death are intriguing, so also his bankruptcy.

No, I don't judge him: Only observe. I had seen his two or three musical shows on TV that also showed the frenzy of great crowds, I couldn't catch a word, it was more of noise than music to my ears: Not to my taste.

However, his name, fame and and shame helped media to capitalize in the corporate world, which stands above all as a true icon, an epitome of modern civilized society – the great epoch flying on a tangent; even above the entire civilized society through millennia. Even the great Pharaohs of bygone Egyptian civilization fall short.

Examine his living in the spheres of (1) Work, (2) Leisure, (3) Health, (4) Learning and (5) Propagation which are Nature-given (or God-given) intrinsic functions that are autonomous to all living-beings? Examine how did he perform these functions?

As media has been reporting for a long time: He turned Leisure – his music – into entertainment industry; he treated his body like a shudra – of service class- and turned it into rags; he tempered with his manhood; he turned his wealth, which was not enough for life-time, into waste...
I regret I can't go any further.
What legacy has he left for the posterity? Or does the World end with his death?

However the whole episode makes me introspective.

In India there are many gharanas – schools – in classical traditions of vocal and instrumental music, and dances. There are innumerable traditions in folk arts and crafts, from food, shelter and clothing to dance, music, dramatics, pottery, painting... that are handed over from generation to generation for millennia: Remember these folks are a majority population in India, except for the successive governments have ignored them, and occasional lip sympathy. Well, the governments are run by the minority of the First World India, which are caught in a web of globalization, and cause painful extinction of people's skills, knowledge and wisdom.

MJ, in his life and death, wrote the future of the great epoch!

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Note: Image above: Michael Jackson, "The king at death: A Royal Mess" (Source: Times of India Mumbai; Date: Jun 30, 2009; Section: Front Page;Page: 1)

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