Wednesday, 28 January 2009

To Live Poetry...

To Live Poetry...

To live poetry and to write poetry are far different functions. There is difference between the two that of the land and the sky. While standing on the ground or on a peak of mountain or moving in an airplane it seems the sky is touching the ground at a distant horizon: It’s only an illusion.

That’s why clouds come down to Earth; birds build their nests in a tree, eagle lands on a mountain top; and earthworms confide in the Moon and stars.

To live poetry is to live pure joy of poetry of Life is to practice SRISHTIYOGA, is to be in communion with Srishti – Nature – inside and outside – embracing all life in body, mind and soul. Even a moment’s intimate touch with Life is enough to bring total revolution. There begins the eternal cycle of Death and Life – Punarapi Maranam, Pumarapi Jananam.

Nobody here is a master or subject; there end all laws and bylaws of the civilised societies – ancient or modern, may they be institutionalised religions, States, or brokers of knowledge, sciences, technologies and arts; may they be highest awards – titles: all, all of them are trivial and irrelevant.

There remains one, only one: a way to live poetry of Life in the lap of our most oppressed, exploited Earth – Dharatari.


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Monday, 26 January 2009

SRISHTIYOGA or The Way of Nature ( सृष्टीयोग)

"Srishtiyoga" – Way of Nature – is an ancient unwritten law long before the birth of civilization.
Civilizations have been following a number of Yoga practices, from Jnan Yoga – Vijnan Yog to Karma Yoga – Bhakti Yoga to Hatha Yoga – Tantra Yoga.
People in the Vedic times or in the ‘Garden of Eden’ were perhaps blessed with plentiful of water and fruits.
It is only our wishful thinking that we sing “Sujalam, Sufalam” – abundant water, abundant fruits – that falls short of action.
It is time now for ‘Srishtiyoga’ – Communion with Nature.

(Remigius de Souza)

Republic Day Message: 26-01-2009

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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Story of a Toppled Van in the US

The story of a toppled van in the US
by Remigius de Souza

Once in the staff room of an architectural college a senior professor was narrating a story about how American people are scientific minded. He had been a visiting professor here in India and in the US for a number of years. He taught building services. The story happened in the late the eighties in an American town while he was staying there.

One morning the citizens found, to there surprise, that a milk van was lying toppled in front of a building – the only skyscraper in that town. There was no sign of any violence.
“Instead of speculating that it may be the work of a ghost, they started investigating scientifically. They spent some months and thousands of dollars to investigate the reasons of the accident till they found –" The junior colleague interrupted, “I think I know the reason. Was the van returning after the delivery?”
“Yes!” he said “Why? Do you know the story?”
“No. I have never heard or read about it. Neither did I come across similar incidence. The van must have toppled because of wind pressure and the draft that was returning after hitting the skyscraper”
“Yes. This was the reason. How do you know?” he asked. It was a typical question: to know ‘know-how’.
“This is a matter of common sense. I am sure there must be millions of Americans who would have known the answer. Perhaps I could tell you ‘why’ I know. One of the reasons is I am used to walking. The other perhaps I do not believe in wasting energy after irrelevant matters and try to live up to it.”

This is not a parable or a ‘Koan’ in a Zen sense. It is only matter of perceptions – sense perception. Perception develops by senses. Intuition is enhanced perception.
Yet the moral, perhaps, be:

“Switch off the computers before our faculties – senses – are lost.”
“Why not manufacture water by extracting H2O from air-a-plenty in Sahara?”
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Saturday, 10 January 2009

The Magic Wheels

The Magic Wheels

The rolling wheels … … mobile
Take me to places –
Fleeting images … … suspended
Of untouchable dreams
In the world of sleep. … … Freudian

I’m the Master … … mobile
Of my own self –
Of my own Deeds … … suspended
Perennially fixtured
On the external aids. … … Newtonian

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