Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Companionship is not a Concept

ON MY LIFELONG PATHWAY I gave up my futile desire for companionship even for a long or short period of meeting point. It, however, happened after my migration (for education) from my native village to Mumbai city – a transition from Natural Environment to Urban Environment.

Our social life is transient; friends, family members, relatives, co- workers, and now everyone spinning fast on different orbits seeking identity, to prove concept of individuality.
Such is the dominance of living in Virtual Reality, propagated by ET-IT Age, embedded either in the bygone Past, or in Future that is  speculation: in the decadent society and disintegrating family. 

To restore Companionship is possible only in a Community and Habitat, both at a Human Scale.

Community is a cohesive collective in true spirit of democracy. Any civilized society being based on hierarchy cannot be democratic. Whereas, Global Village is misnomer, an illusion projected by profiteers and power mongers.  
Companionship & Community still persist among Aborigine tribes in India and elsewhere.   

Companionship is neither a concept nor altruism. It's natural way for the species, plants or animals. A plant when is in a community bears fruits in abundance, along with others. rather than that stands single in a field: None faces Identity Crisis, like Post-historic Man.
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Friday, 9 April 2010

SOS! O, GODs! (Poem)

Rainbows”, my previous poem, materialized on the operation table during the first cataract operation. The second operation revealed more facts about falling physical health due to ignorance. I verbalise this experience here in a free verse.
“Food”, one of the three basic needs – food, shelter and clothing – is a primary cause, besides ‘environment’ in urban habitat.

Sciences, including medical science, have no doubt made great advances. They remain great because they universally “inaccessible” for large majority of people – the rich and the poor, both; even the scientists are not spared because of their blinkered view within their respective compartments.

Such an overwhelming inequality worldwide is maintained by the power mongers and profiteers. It is maintained because “economics” as well as “education system” still remains in the black ages of feudal powers in new garbs.     

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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Wishes 2010

Easter Wishes 2010

Jesus’ “Birth + Death + Resurrection” may bring us,
Whatever our faith/ caste/ class/ creed/ status/ occupation/ profession may be,
the “VOCATION of RENEWAL of our Courage, Hope and Joy in LIFE”
to Live Moment to Moment in the present decadent civilized society. 

(Some of us, perhaps, are aware that death was haunting Jesus from the time of His Birth, (as is a case of Krishna): Of course, none of us, of all the living beings are exception to this condition, though we take for granted the sun will rise tomorrow.)                 

Remigius de Souza

© Remigius de Souza, all rights reserved.