Tuesday, 5 June 2012

World Environment Day – 5th June

World Environment Day – 5th June

Srishtiyoga is Communion with Mother Nature
I don’t know about God concept. But surely Mother Nature – Srishti – continues to be deep mystery even though we can see her, touch her, taste her, and feel her within and outside us... The mystery of Mother Nature deepens as more we discover. The Earth is only a minuscule part of her, and human species a speck in a hay stack.

Thankfully, Mother Nature – Srishti – does not have Department of Environment, Department of Ecology and Department of Energy,  like Civilized Societies have. Otherwise all the living beings would have had hard time to Apply, Apply and get No Reply. Mother Nature is ruthless; she is not at all kind like Brand God/s, and she does not recognize either Human Societies or their hierarchies.
Environment, Ecology and Energy in Nature are interrelated with each other. Civilized societies have them divided into separate departments because of the vested interest of Power Blocks among them.

When natural environment becomes unbearable for survival, and if any from civilized societies survive, they will celebrate like Diwali–Dassera!!

Even plants and animals, so also young babies, farmers and Adivasis - aborigines- are aware of environment. Only The First World Citizens, the Educated ignorant, are arrogant to acknowledge existence of Environment, Ecology and Energy that work hand in hand.

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Mumbai | 05-06-2012
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  1. An apt article for this day!
    Also watched your presentation on 'Man and Nature'. It was highly informative and was a very good attempt.

  2. @Abhinav Thanks Abhinav! Welcome here:-)
    The presentation goes with the paper on aesthetics: Architecture and Biodiversity in India. So far 1500 viewers, many of them may be non-bloggers!

  3. There will come a time when we really need to look after planet earth.

  4. @Shalu Sharma Yes, Shalu! It is inevitable.

  5. Very nice informative post..:-)
    Award waiting for you..:-)

  6. @A Homemaker's Utopia
    Thanks Nagini! I am flattered!! Welcome here!