Friday, 26 February 2010

Fence sitter's View: Indian budget 1994

(Key word: Economics) 

India Budget 2010 

 “COMMON MAN” – “AAM ADAMI” (in Hindi) – is a slogan of the Indian Annual Finance Budget this year. Some time back it was “Pro-Poor” as election campaign slogan. Indian politicians, of all colours and brands, are clever to coin slogans to create fanfare of melodrama – budget or election!

But they fail to implement dogooder packages – provisions –projects – promises, if any, provided in the budgets or five year plans, particularly for the masses or the informal sector of peasants or the Third and the Fourth World India.  This has been going on for decades.

As India is growing in economic power (!), or so it is said by the global vested interests, who look up to India as “market place”, farmers at home are committing suicides. It is said that about 70,000 farmers have committed suicide during the last decade.

Governments – at Centre and States – may be clever. But people are wise. It is best reflected in hung parliaments in the last few decades, where political parties form consortium to cling to the power. They – the politicians – refuse to learn their lesson, decade after decade.
Compare the present budget of 2010 with that of 1994!

"Fence sitter's View: Indian budget 1994" is a review by an ordinary person, who is not an economist. Hence it is convenient to write in poetry form! Poetry helps escape make-believe world of expertise. I republish this on the occasion of the day of presentation of national budget of India.  I republish it as we enter the 21st Century. See Link to "Indian Budgets 12 years apart (2 Poems)" Also see "Budget India ’08: A grand cover-up act": India’s Budget – A commoner’s View"

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