Monday, 16 November 2009

CIVILIZATION: A Smallest Poem on India

.. CIVILIZATION: A Smallest Poem on India which may be true for the whole world... 

Civilization, painted poem by Remigius de Souza, Mumbai
On the Gandhi Birth Anniversary Day (October 2, 2000) many NGOs in Mumbai organised a procession that was culminated   into a public meeting on national integrity at August Kranti Udyan, Govalia Tank.

We are patriotic to land and waters and all living beings (beyond a handheld palm-size map of the country).

We hail Environment + Ecology + Energy bestowed by the unwritten ancient Law of Nature, which is larger than all human artefacts, may they be arts and sciences, religions and philosophies... 

We are aware all boundaries are vulnerable to change through history of civilized societies, and even in the History of the Earth.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
© Remigius de Souza, all rights reserved.


  1. ..water droplets, white light...

    ..turbans and caps of different hues..

    i really enjoyed the imagery and the meanings overlapping here in the words.

    Thanks :)

  2. I like this post really a great work support for poor people ngos in mumbai

    1. Thanks for your comment and visit. If you notice what is happening around, don't you think the poem is also about Equality!