Friday, 6 November 2009

Art of Recycling

‘Recycling’ is not a new concept but rather a practice for most Indian people. Those who live in the close contact with nature – natural environment – do witness the constant recycling that takes place there, though they may not give a discourse on the subject. They too adapt to the process of recycling. Hence community participation is one of the features of their collective living at societal level. Their educational system is intrinsic and a lifelong process for the young as well as the elders.

    The industrial society has discovered ‘recycling of industrial waste’ not out of the love for nature or to conserve the finite resources of the earth. It has been more for the love of wealth, to generate new avenues of income and profit.
    Education, yet another division of labour, overtaken by Industrial Civilization, has been a tool to create the workforce to support the expansion of industrialization rather than transfer of knowledge and benefits to the people thus to make it universal.


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