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Three years of UPA Government

Three years of UPA Government
by Remigius de Souza

Bureaucracy dominates here. Highest chairs – the Prez and the PM – are occupied by the ex-bureaucrats coming from their respective compartments in India.

Forget the ‘Pro-poor’ slogan election slogan now with time-lapse. Dr. Manmohan Singh in three years could not even make a dent on the ‘Babugiri’ – bureaucracy – that prevails in India. The farmers’ woes only accelerate with passing time, leading then now to suicides, which could not be foreseen by the grand infrastructure and expertise available to the great Indian democracy. Surely he must be well acquainted with how efficiently and effectively the ‘Babugiri’ works in his departments.

After all, ‘Pro-poor’ or any agenda, White paper or Red slogan, hinges on the bureaucrats; hinges need to be kept well oiled. Notice, how effectively and efficiently with foresight on profit the SEZs came in force! Even a child labourer, working in a roadside open cycle shop without a roof, will tell 'how the smoothly machinery can work with greasing'. Anybody’s guess!!

I quote recent news

India’s space agency, the ISRO, has announced plans to put a person in
space by 2014 and to land an Indian on the Moon by 2020, four years ahead of
china. The agency will seek US$2.2 billion in state funding – treble its current
annual budget – for its manned flight programme, and many times more for the
Moon landing. The plans, unveiled to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh last month,
were endorsed by a cross-section of the scientific community at a consultative
meeting on 7 November in Bangalore. Formal government approval will be aught
before the end of the year, says ISRO chairman Gopalan Madhavan Nair (Nature,
Vol. 444, 16 Nov. 2006 p.255).
Indeed, how patriotic our scientists are! Our government can neither take care of the peasants nor nation’s boundaries, and they have ambitious plans where people don't figure; it’s no less than Bollywood sentimentalism. While China goes on claiming neighbouring lands, our scientists want to claim the Moon, though they not the first.
We should not be surprised if in near future the government policies go for the supply of ‘corn-bio-fuels’ to boost American-Bush-Fire, which might add to GDP but leave the peasants for slavery and starvation!

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Remigius de Souza
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