Friday, 27 October 2006

Skyline - Mumbai

Skyline – Mumbai
Tulloch Road, a second lane behind the Taj Intercontinental Hotel in Mumbai, which is seen the background of the photograph. I worked in this locality for some time. On the other side of the Taj are the sea and the harbour, and in far distance the mainland. The place has hotels, bars, restaurants, curio shops, art galleries, street vendors etc, busy with tourists, working people, prostitutes and pimps, junkies and drug edicts… beggars and the rich.

Skyline: Roget’s Thesaurus gives about hundred words and phrases, besides adjectives, adverbs and verbs for the word ‘skyline’. Many of these meanings are applicable to this place: a good entertainment to find situations that relate!

Skyline also shows Social and Economic Contours of Human Habitat
Remigius de Souza

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  1. Indeed, a graphic can speak in place of hundred words. A bnrainteaser.