Monday, 30 October 2006

SEZ is out to kill a goose

SEZ (special economic zone/s) in India is out to kill the goose by acquiring productive agricultural lands at strategic locations. This is a new gimmick the government in India has discovered hand in gloves with the corporate society. SEZ is a new avatar, under the garb of ‘economic development’, of draconian law, Land Acquisition Act, devised by the British Raj under the garb of ‘common good’.

Similar greed to has been going on by the local self-governments in the cities and metropolises; they auction or change the land-use to facilitate the builders and real estate developers, the land which is reserved for open spaces, social services and infrastructure, or which could be used for rehabilitation of the underprivileged n the cities.

Land grab goes to such an extent that metropolitan cities like Mumbai build several flyovers on the streets in densely populated mixed land-use areas, to ease the movement of automobiles only to shift the traffic congestion at the next point. Land-grabbing began with European entry. Where’s Portugal and where’s Britain and where’s Bombay (now Mumbai)? But one gave the islands of Mumbai to another in royal marriage as dowry. Since then land-grabbing has gone unabated by the westernised clones.

The great glorified imitators in India occupying high chairs in the establishments, by their political and money power, inside or outside the governments, are out to compete their colonial / neo-colonial masters.

Some powers in the international area indulge in terrorism in the name of peace, thus encourage counter-terrorism; in India our so-called democratic governments indulge in state terrorism in the name of progress giving rise to counter-terrorism: both leave millions of underprivileged to suffer, either way. The fat international / national awards and prizes only white-wash their gullible sympathies.

Remigius de Souza
©Remigius de Souza, all rights reserved.

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