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THE WORD MEDITATION assumes mystical aura promoted by religions in civilized societies. Many methods are prescribed. It is also said one needs initiation, of course, by a guru.

Generally, I have heard, they prescribe mantras, postures, auspicious timings and places etc. for meditation.

Let us come straight to a question: Can we meditate by our-self, without any guru or an authority? It is as if I am the first person to indulge into an act of meditation!

Meditation, simply put, is thinking that takes place in mind. And that we all do all the time, almost.

I say, 'almost', because I may at times act or talk impulsively, mechanically or rarely spontaneously. This may show that my mind is conditioned and thought is absent.

We have most wonderful and powerful tools, Body and Mind. They are also synchronized with each other.

BODY is so powerful that it works round the clock, without our noticing it. Perhaps we are too busy to notice it except for its outer looks. Of course, we take medications even for minor ailments.

Body has its own intelligence or wisdom known as Homeostasis and power to heal itself, unless our indulgences with it go berserk.

Body, of course, sends us timely signals about health, but we keep our mind preoccupied with many, too many, other matters. Or, perhaps, we fail to read the signals.

A little friendly relationship and non-speak dialogue with our body, time to time, could help us. It could, also, help us to read Body-Mind connection.

For example, a badly wounded person, when reaches in safe hands, loses consciousness, which shows body-mind connection. Body has tremendous power to go through extortion. Jesus’ last walk to Calvary Mountain is known example; In recent times: T E Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia).

MIND is equipped with seven senses — Touch, Hearing, Vision, Taste, Smell, Sex, and Intuition, also called Sixth Sense — which build and grow our perception, besides intelligence and intellect. These faculties open us up to inner and outer worlds, and to think, learn, work etc.

Mind is a powerful tool. It has invented magical or spiritual or yogic powers in the past and present times. 'Maya' is another popular word. Maya is not illusion alone, it is also Virtual Reality. Many scientific inventions to create 'wealth' fall into this category, so also, idea of 'currency' as a means to wealth.

MEANING OF MEDITATION: While reading the above lines, many responses – good or bad – take place in mind. They may differ and change at every statement. They may even create emotions.

As a matter fact, events that take place around us that we notice create responses in our mind.
To watch, observe, and be aware of these responses – happy or sad – is the First Step in the Act of Meditation, and also of Learning. Meditation does need attention, not concentration as popularly believed. Concentration subjugates mind, while attention is inclusive to everything that happens around.

Mind, like body, is active all the time, even when we sleep. We, however, may or may not remember the dreams when awake.

We can test it when we are awake, and not particularly busy. Just close the eyes and watch. Many images, thoughts, memories, ideas continuously flow in the infinite Space of Mind. They may or may not be in sequence. Indeed this space identical to Cosmic Space!

Also sometimes a thought/event endlessly repeats in the mind, such as, "S/he offended me..." with the event. We also repeat it to others too. But do we watch the ‘act of repetition’ itself?

Mind becomes a great chatter-box, particularly in the info-age. There is no occasion for a state of 'no-mind' or ‘rest to mind’ any time. And we treat body like a slave, Shudra! Our concern for body is skin-deep!

NO REST FOR MIND! So are there any calls for mental problems? In any case we could try a mind game mentioned before. Either (1) take an event and watch our reactions, or (2) simply watch whatever thoughts, images, memories, ideas etc. as they come and go in mind, or (3) watch a most familiar object – food grain – at our kitchen! Just watch! No opinions. No judgments. No bias. And see results!
Who knows, we might find a 'falling apple' of Newton or swinging 'chandelier' of Galileo! Or perhaps shout, 'Eureka'!

It is just a game, with no investment, no fossil energy spent. By and by, look at any of the issues from all sides; its roots etc. without bias. Artists invariably play this kind of game, with an issue on their hands.

OF REAL LIFE: There are millions of people living Bellow Poverty Line (BPL). Imagine for a while, how do they 'survive'? What does help them 'survive'? ('Survival means to live sanely.' — J. Krishnamurti). They are face to face with real life, not fiction. It is Meditation and Creative Thinking and Creative Action that help them to survive. It is Constructive Creativity that helps them to sustain. No gods! No gurus! No governments!

Meditation is a key to creative thought and creative action. Would they belong to ‘Constructive Creativity’ for welfare, or 'Destructive Creativity' which splurge (in entertainment) / waste energy (in wars) – from emotions to fossil fuel / nuclear energy?
“The full potential of human creativity has not yet been tapped. Along with the ever-increasing miracle of love, this fact is one of the brightest hopes for human race.”
— Ben Okri, (A way of Being Free, 1999, P.28)

This is just a beginning of meditation.
• We define meditation by action, and also continue to refine it by practice.
• As we get more and more involved, new avenues of meditation open up.
• One can meditate on any or all mental and physical actions that we daily undergo.
• Any mundane work then becomes a challenge.
• This also helps us to get rid of perpetual boredom in mechanical life.

Meditation then is an attitude of mind and body, not a habit.

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  1. Most vital issues for Meditation today are our Physical & Mental Health: not only personal but also of Society in Economic, Political, Social and Environmental areas