Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Song of a Modern Day Trishanku

I caress my ego endless
in my own utopia.
What if in utter poverty suffer
pangs of hunger, 
at homeland, a thirty crore persons?
What is it for me?
They bear fruits of their fate!

Why then do I search faces 
of my caste-community on Internet
of virtual reality world, 
send signals on satellites costliest?
Why then my mighty fate
can’t buy me a copter?
“What can coward luck do for Pandu?”   

Hey, Remi is such a persona!
Expert Modern Vishwamitra
of Yantra–Tantra–Mantra 
by promising happy-wealthy life,
by creating New World,
turned me into mythical Trishanku! 

And people of bone – flesh,
Blood – body, and alive 
at home whom I pushed
to homelessness by my insatiable  wants!
Such is an arrogant rash Remi,
a modern day Trishanku!
*    *    *
(Translation of original Marathi composition)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
©Remigius de Souza, all rights reserved.


  1. Poignant. Helpless we watch the wheels of desires of comforts-aching roll over the simple and gullible.

  2. Thanks Maya,
    Your comment does justice to the poem and us who become victims of the circumstances without choice or autonomy!

  3. King Trishanku is a character in Indian mythology or History i.e. Epics and Puranas. Sage Vishwamitra promised him alternative Universe by his powers. Trishanku proceeded to the promised utopia in Space; however the place was not ready… Vishwamitra advised him to remain there till the place is ready. And he remained hanging in space, neither here nor there. “Trishanku” is a common idiom in circulation. In modern times the Mechanical-Industrial Revolution has failed its promise to create Economic and Social Development to All.

  4. @Maya
    In post-modern, we advocate freedom of readers to interpret text or visual. You have added a dimension to the theme of poem. Thanks