Saturday, 18 September 2010

SAVE OUR TIGERS Campaign Corrected

‘Historically the study of evolution has concentrated almost exclusively upon the animals. If plants are mentioned it is only in passing and usually to reconstruct the environment in which to view the animal record.'(The opening sentence of the book, “The Evolution of Plants” by Willis, K.J. & McElwin, OUP, 2002.)
International Year of Biodiversity 2010 needs to implement DOWN TO EARTH action rather than sermons and slogans. It also needs to curb wild use of natural resources by the persons / organizations in power, and use peoples’ participation. 

To Save Our Tigers,
Save Plants to
Save Forest to
Save Water to
Save Land to
Save Livelihood to
Save All Living beings to
Save Human beings to
Save Our Sanity.
We give due credits to the AIRCELL for their noble intention to support ‘Save Our Tigers’ campaign while placing advertisement to promote their product that recently appeared in print media.

We sincerely and earnestly feel environmental and ecological balance between natural, rural and urban areas for sustainable living must be restored. It must be on equitable basis for all living beings – plants, animals (wildlife), aborigine communities (Scheduled Tribes), peasants in rural and forest areas, and the urbanite; not merely for – as is the buzzword goes – sustainable development.  

We make an effort to add few missing but most important elements, within same area, at the risk of being it called plagiarism.

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  1. Only 1411 are left with us So please save our tigers!!!

    1. I agree with you totally. Awareness about the Chain-Reaction in Nature is wanted.

  2. save tigers to make natural balance
    make natural balance for healthy life of our young one

    1. The young love Life by instinct... the old need to restore theirs, I feel. Tell others too about this nasty poster, please! Welcome here :-)