Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Centralized Power Unlimited

Aryans, when came to India, assimilated the locals - the aborigines – in their society as a "service class" or "Shudra caste", whatever conflict - wars - they must have had. Many tribes retreated into forests. Later the Shudras were given the stigma of "Untouchable castes" by the higher caste. Typically any civilized society is based on hierarchy; hence, it is neither democratic nor republican.   

In modern times, there is a poetic parallel to this phenomenon. Louise Kahn, US architect, described his buildings: 'there are "served spaces" and "servant spaces".   

Indeed, it is typical of civilized societies! This must have been happening since the rise of "Urban Revolution" some 5000 years ago (Now scientists say it may be 6000 years before present), that is, in other words, the rise of Civilization or civilized societies, who also must have invented institutionalized religion/s.  

Now there is an idea of “Global Village” – having fast travel and communication links, initiated by the new form of centralized power, a section of civilized society, invisible yet real, like air that we breathe: the Global Capitalist Corporate Class. This, of course, is a culmination of Industrial Civilization. 

 Architects, city planners, so also other professionals - like scientists etc. merely belong to "servant spaces" - service class - the Neo-Shudra, living on the periphery of Global Village; no doubt they are duly patronized with funds and awards. But they have no say in the affairs of the Capitalist Corporate Class; they don't make even a dent. Even sovereign States turn stooges.  

The “Bhopal Gas Tragedy” is one of many unique examples of the Power of Capitalist Corporate Class. For example: Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima-Nagasaki, Chernobyl disaster, Jallianwala Bagh massacre, Partition of India – Pakistan, The Holocaust, Tiananmen Square Massacre, and one that I witnessed in my teens – the killing of 105 demonstrators in Mumbai during Samyukta Maharashtra Movement, by Morarji Desai Government of former Bombay Province.Could India safely handle forthcoming ambitious Nuclear Energy Project for the so-called civilian purpose (Read capitalist Corporate Class of the First World India)? 

Perhaps we may have to wait for another War of Mahabharata - a "civil" war? Of what use could war be? No war has ever been successful, and never will be, to deliver elusive justice humans and the living beings.  Could "I" change my "civilized" mindset, which is more difficult than war? Or should we wait for the bubble to burst! 
Centralized Power Unlimited: Anyone, an individual or an organization, of any credibility, that takes any outrage on this invisible power does not make even a dent. But everything adds to its consolidation.

While writing this text my every tap on the keyboard of PC, I am aware, adds to its consolidation. Whatever I write vanishes into the wave of "VIRTUAL REALITY". It is only one of many, many weapons created by the power hungry - profit hungry Capitalist Corporate Class - local or global! 

Notes: 1. Image - "Tentacles", self-portrait by Remigius de Souza, depicts himself as devourer of environment. 
2. Image - "Law prevails - Justice Buries":  Photograph used in the graphic above is by Pablo Bartholomew. (Source - Internet). I use this picture like Mahabharata has been re-wrtten many a times until now!.
Pablo's photograph (protected by Copyright) is an Icon not only of Bhopal Gas Tragedy but also of the poverty stricken Indian - children and adults, dying by malnutrition decease and hunger, farmers committing suicide, the displaced and marginalized; all due to lopsided DEVELOPMENT POLICY in India, no doubt under invisible forces of Centralized Powers. Pablo gets an award for his photo, ironically proves, and consolidates the Powers: a proof of my cynical view above! Twenty-five years on, the Government now thinks of making another law!! 

3. It is said that the US society is classless, the rest are Underclass, such as ghettos and (Red) Indian Reservations. In India there is a "ruling minority", they could likened as 100 Kaurava princes The large majority of almost 80% are treated as second class citizens, who could be compaired with 5 Pandava princes in exile.
Remigius de Souza
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© Remigius de Souza, all rights reserved.

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