Friday, 7 May 2010

Salesgirl (POEM) by Trini

Composed by Trini (Triningsih Ngadimun) on "Silhouette In The Moon" (Monday, May 25, 2009)

When she says you are nice
You don't believe in her
Because she said it for a plate of rice
to feed her daughter
What you do is to think twice
Whether to buy her goods or leave her forever.

I am amazed to see Trini has her finger on the pulse of Twenty-first Century.
The young poet diagnosis her time without sentimental melodrama, without mincing the words, about the omnipresent market and consumerism! Her compositions are featherlight, reading them is delight.
Or that's how I feel!

By simplicity and economy of means and by elegance this quoted poem reaches Iconic level.

Her poems are for people in the homes, in farms, on street, in workshops, not merely for the blog authors. The compassion in her poetry is universal, though humble she may be: I would rather say it expresses Universal Motherhood, that of “African Eve” the term that scientists use, rather than a term in currency, “brotherhood”, projected by the male dominated societies.

I would relish ‘a poem a day’ by her like a piece of jaggery in the mouth of country-lad than watching commercials on 24x7 TV channels.

- Remigius de Souza

© Remigius de Souza, all rights reserved.


  1. aww remi, i'm flattered, speechless and honoured...all at the same time! but i guess you overpraise me wayyy too much. :) my poetry is nowhere to suit ur high and eloquent remark.

    but thanks a bunch, pal. you are inspiring!

    and yes, i've gotta say ur choice of words and ur writing are so so adorable.

    ps: i wonder if jaggery tastes good. i hope it does. :)

  2. Trini,I know you are modest. May be you are overwhelmed by classical forms of literature, which to my mind are outdated, and irrelevant.

    I write what I feel and see and examine without applying any standards. I need not flatter anyone. U know how many months it took to write my small comment.

    It is also adds to the readers' responsibility see without noticing beyond own likes and dislikes, and pass by!!

    Jaggery is made from sugarcane and also palm juice, brown in colour, and taste is sweet. It is healthier than refined white sugar. And of course, it’s environment friendly.

    --- Remi

  3. i've gotta agree with ur guess that i am overwhelmed by classical forms of literature. but the next commentary got me thinking; however outdated and irrelevant are they to you, they provide the point where generation in the next centuries (including us people in 21st century)can further develope the literature they initiate at first, and distinguish ourselves with their form of lit. and i guess that's how lit develope over centuries, no?

  4. Thanks Trini.
    Now the monologue on web has turned into dialogue, which is more important.

    Times do change, so also meanings and expressions. When creativity is at low ebb, people start “REMIXES”! Creativity, however, is not sole prerogative of few chosen ones.
    The established (British made) educational systems are designed to serve feudal masters, sometimes in new garb of democracy, hence it uphold masters and masterpieces as models.

    My name (French) and surname (Portuguese) have nothing to do with European Races (they think they are superior to all other races and cultures and peoples). Being oriental person it is difficult for me to comprehend continental concepts / images.

    Culture is local, hence Arts. There is nothing Global about them. Global is only trade (and arms): hence buy Picasso Paintings (or nuclear arms). You can’t mass produce the Picasso at educational institutes.

    For me art – poem or architecture – is utility: art for life. I don’t subscribe to concepts such as “art for art’s sake’ that was started in Europe (France).

    There are other sources, namely folk arts from where all classical art forms have emerged. What the colonized are doing is remixes in the name of progress.

  5. i like the part when u say u don't subscribe to concepts like "art for art's sake". i second that, pal. art for life that is.

    btw are you portuguese? and the french name comes from your mother's side? and now u are living in india?

    and what field are u in, if you don't mind telling. lit, i guess? or lit for past time pursuit?

  6. Hi, Trini,

    I am Indian, so also my mother's clan. How we got this Portuguese surname is a sordid story of caste, class, religion, ruling powers, cultures etc. In short I may say, my ancestors were of Bramhin caste, our original surname is "Kamat", and the community still recognizes me and my clan as "Kamat/s".

    Since you have raised this issue I have a reason now to give a story of "Remi's archaeology / anthropology in a separate post.

    I write because some unknown inner force. For the rest, please see my (in)Complete Profile on my blog.