Friday, 5 June 2009

Existence-Survival-Decoration: Painted Poem

I painted this poem in a state of mind that has no beginning - no end. This may be because of my wandering several places - cities, towns, villages, aborigine settlement in forests. Besides I was born and brought in a village in Konkan region, west coast of India, in my formative years. I wandered with purpose, without purpose, without any blinkers of caste - class, religions, culture, ideals, goals, civilised values, likes-dislikes; even to this date.

During one of these days of wanderings, this painted poem, materialized in 1985, (I didn't even record the date). In such a state the dimensions of time-work-speed-place-space are secondary. I wonder if this "painted poem" fits aesthetics of arts and letters? I doubt if it could be called art or a poem. I am sure it dosn't fit in any compartments created by civilised society, though the words seem familiar!

Not only this, but I doubt, if I could be called an artist in an accepted sense. But this need not block any one from self-expression!

While the graphic is fixed, the words are fluid. One may read it top down, or bottom up. The interpretations may vary with every person.

(World Environment Day: 05-06-09)
© Remigius de Souza, all rights reserved.


  1. hey Remi this is Amogh a photographer Wildlife ur information of warli life was great i realy did like that it realy helped me thanks regards -Amogh Bhusane

  2. Thanks, Amogh, for your comments. Being a gypsy myself I too believe life is an adventure.

  3. hello remi..
    your this post reminded me of maslow.. somehow..
    may be i'm interpreting wrong..
    well.. i did not get your comment on my poem called "tujhyasathi"....
    wanted to discuss it but was busy from days..


  4. Harshada,

    Count on me for my ignorance about much of English poetry and literature. Occasionally I read though. Perhaps I have been reading more ‘about’ science/s.

    Most of my input, however, comes from the real living around that I witness on real ground – almost without ‘figures of speech’, so to say.

    The same goes for assessing the events that I witness or read, for example your poem "tujhyasathi"... though it may not have sanction of literary rules etc.

    Please do discuss, as ruthlessly as possible; it’s worth the labour.


  5. Harshada Vinaya,

    I looked for Maslove on Google search, and found an interesting diagram "hierarchy of Needs" and text, for the first time!



  6. :) did you relate maslove with your concept of this text??

  7. Hi, Harshada,

    I had already wrote the following note in my diary to put it on comments, for you and others too.

    If you see the “painted poem” on the background of my recently published series “Lowest Common Multiple” one to eight, you would be able to judge the answer yourself to your question. I deal with the matter of “needs” and “wants” at great length.

    Also, I suggest, see this poem with the background of theses posts.

    As for me, I can’t compare the two. I am a person with the background of oriental culture.