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LCM-7: Propagation or Survival of the Species

Arithmatic of Life

LCM-7: PROPAGATION or Survival of the Species
Propagation, hopefully, now, is not an outcaste subject from the public discussion in the polite society, in the times of world population explosion. We take it because it is one of the five autonomous, vital intrinsic functions of all the species.
Among humans there are some eunuchs, some impotents/ barren. Some of them certainly must have discovered their creativity in arts, not in Atom Bombs, which you can’t call a Creative Work!
Propagation, among mammals, is generally connected to male-female genitals, yet the “uterus” and “breasts/udders” besides other vital parts that relate to propagation. In the modern times of aesthetic hedonism, even some of the educated women need to be told, “Breast feed the babies; it is healthy”.

Mother Godess

The organs of propagation give “Sex-Sense” and “Mother-Sense”, both, which is giving birth to and bringing up the offspring. There are matriarchal communities among humans too, not only elephants. There are worshippers if Fertility Goddess, just as those who worship “Lingam”. When “sex” (a function of a species), when identified as “need”, which is rather a “want” like all other “wants” of civilised societies. It results in perpetuating prostitution. Among the aborigine communities there is no prostitution.
Some government functionaries, politicians and bureaucrats, here in Maharashtra, have been toying with an idea of “sex education” in the schools, so that their families are spared from educating their children in the matters of “sex”? Indeed, the Authority does not want to spare even your personal domain! What a noble concept!

Water lettuse

Nature, just as has created various species, so also the designs for propagation. Some fish give birth by their mouth, some lay million eggs. Cow gives birth to a single calf, dogs and cats produce litter (their eyes are closed for first few days). Deer’s calf starts to jump and run soon after birth. Koel lays eggs in crow’s nest. Water lettuce (See: Illustration) multiplies in numbers like amoeba.
The designs of propagation also indicate the life span, the numbers, and the survival rate of various species. Some species live for few minutes/hours, some for years. Grasses, wheat, rice live for few weeks, a banyan tree lives for more than hundred years. In the natural environment, the life span of different species, their possibility to survive, and their numbers are interrelated, to maintain ecological, environmental and energy balance. (Big fish eat small fish.)
By the extensive use of modern chemical insecticides, the insect population is increasing, because they develop immunity to chemical insecticides. This of course is according to Nature’s Law for the “protection to species”, to keep ecological balance. Humans, particularly the industrial society intervenes Nature’s schema at an unprecedented rate. Whatever may it result in sooner or later; Nature is ruthless unlike gods in whom humanity believes.
Greed of capitalist Industrial Society has reached to such enormous heights that it has assumed a role of worst predator since the beginning of time. It does not only annihilate plants and animals, defile land and waters and air on which all living-beings sustain, but doesn’t even spare its own species – humans – directly or by proxy, under some pretext or other – religion, energy or Peace – for power and profit.
Vasco de Gama with his army attacked Fort at Mahim in Mumbai. He won. But he was not satisfied with the victory. He went along the village streets, and butchered the peasants just to terrorise them. On his heels the missionaries came with the Good News. Columbus did similar thing when he found the “new land”. And what about the British Rule? Jallianwala Bagh massacre is enough of an example. The story does not end here.
The late Mr. Morarji Desai was trained in the Indian Civil service (ICS). He was no lesser democratic person. He shot dead 105 unarmed demonstrators during the Movement of Sanyukta Maharashtra. He was indeed a Khadi-clad pseudo-Gandhian. Since Independence of India there have been many similar examples.
When the powerful annihilate, trample, exploit, suppress, marginalize and displace the poor and the downtrodden, Nature’s Fundamental Law empowers them to propagate for the survival of the species, thus the population grows.
“The World Population is exploding” is a lie, big lie like that of Joseph Goebbels, propagated and repeated a million times by the powerful and their puppets, to fool the world, to hold their powers. They don’t have any ethical obligation either to fellow humans or the posterity. Altruism then is only an idea to earn tax rebates, and for living room talk.
The real life India, however, presents a disturbing picture. Bride-burning, dowry-deaths, sex crimes, gender atrocities and discrimination… take place, where the victims are women. Besides there are other atrocities that relate to religion, castes, language, regional territories, sharing resources… which of course are initiated by the powerful. The society fails to resolve them.
With the so-called progress and development, wealth and means are our Nature-given Senses becoming blunt?
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(1) In all the discussions I do not stick a gender to the word “Nature”, just as “rta” – Sovran Good – is not an adjective but a noun, unlike God who is attributed male gender? Nature manifests in and around us that we can witness with our senses and intelligence.

(2) Illustration: Mother Goddess:
A 35,000-year-old ivory carving of a busty woman unveiled Wednesday, is believed to be the oldest known sculpture of the human form. Whatever way the scientists may interpret this artefact, there wasn't any civilised society, and possibly there was matriarchal system, which still prevails among many communities. And particularly the aborigine communities continue to worship Mother Goddess or Fertility Goddess. (Source: Mumbai Mirror, Dated 15 May 2009. See Link)

(3) Illustration: Water lettuce, a floating aquatic plant: Once after moving among the tribes of the Dangs, I came down to Songad, on Surat–Bhusaval Railway line. I climbed up the hill nearby, where there was a fortress. In the campus was a pool of water, almost covered with the water lettuce, a floating plant, which I saw for the first time. It looks like rose flower with dark green petals. At the same time a Bhill reached the place. He came walking nearly thirty miles to collect some of these plants for medicinal or as nutrient for his pregnant daughter who had come for her delivery, as is the custom. Adivasis – the aborigine – have a wealth of knowledge flora and fauna, which may not have been recorded. Later on I saw the plant in a village pond in Vasai taluka near Mumbai. (Graphic by the author)

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