Monday, 24 November 2008

Universal Definition of Design

Universal Definition of Design by Nature

While studying, teaching and learning architecture, inside and outside classroom, I was confronted with the word DESIGN, which appeared number of times on every occasion.

There must be several volumes written on design not only in architecture but also on other artefacts, such as arts, crafts, projects and policies, laws and acts by the State etc. And now web design... rockets and spaceships. Their meanings and definitions go beyond the language dictionaries.

Nature, indeed, remains the first guru in all the ideas, concepts, theories, hypothesis, inventions in all the disciplines developed by humans from the beginning of time, until now. Where does the meaning or definition stand?

But when I read the following lines by Martin Jones, bio-archaeologist, I literally jumped, overjoyed:

"In whole organism, randomness structure is uncommon. Everything seems finely tuned by the brutal rigours of natural selection. There are no spare limbs to be found and hardly any dispensable organs. This forced economy of whole organism design has always limited the use of bodily form as an evolutionary timepiece” (‘MOLECULE HUNT: How Archaeologists are Bringing the Past Back to Life’, Penguin, 2002, p. 48)”.
I do not wish to edit or modify this extract.

Examine all artefacts designed by an individual, group, an organization, and even the State – any State, in the context of Environment – Ecology – Energy cost to the whole planet, whether it is Moon / Mars Mission or school curriculum. Don’t simply ‘talk-talk-talk global’ but also ‘act global’, and don’t develop pseudo-development projects.
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