Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Warli Painting with the Artist and her Family

Ritual Painting by Warli Midwife on wall during child birth

Warli Painting with the Artist and her Family

Warli painting is the DOMAIN OF WARLI WOMEN, unlike male chauvinist civilised societies. Warli Painting, like their dances and music, is part of their life and culture and not a separate department for the so-called gifted artists in the civilised societies. Warli Tribe have neither gender issues of discrimination or prostitution like in civilised societies.
However, we notice that the do-gooder urban elites are promoting their own values and encouraging males to paint for publishing and marketing Warli Art. They don’t learn because they can’t appreciate Tribal values. This missionary work is most detrimental to tribal culture.
The western and the westernised societies fail to understand; in the tribal communities everyone is artist – painter, poet, singer, dancer, house builder… unlike industrial and civilized societies, which tend to divide society into compartments and hierarchies.

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  1. Replies
    1. What else could we expect from male-dominated civilized society!

  2. and here 'male' means a lot of things. we-the-only-civilized. pro development-dams-industries, everything defined by us(all -ists, dayalu paropakaris) who thinks all of the above liberates(under developed?) people.Our idea of education-infrastructure-governance-justice has damaged the material free wisdom and happiness of the aborigines.

    1. I appreciate your deep understanding. Your comment has added many dimensions to this brief post. This rarely happens. My best wishes are always with you.

    2. are pistulya...not only that, our thought process is so adulterated and encircled by this edu. system. could we make anything necessary to decorate our home with our own hand? the pottery, painting wood work etc? and still we r learned, architects enggs etc...what we learned? to get the work done? managers, exploiters?

    3. Not long ago, even people in rural area said, "British started education to get clerks to work for them". Today whole education system designed to support 'Capitalist Corporate' worldwide. Even the Government in Red China has turned out to Capitalist. The rural folks said, "if you don't get alms by begging, be a teacher" (in Malavani tongue in Konkan region).