Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Grandma's Legacy: a Last or Lost Link? (Comment)

Image Source: Hindustan Times

Grandma's Legacy: A Last or a Lost Link? Thankfully not yet. There is much to savour the legacy my grandmother left for me - for us.
Grandma’s legacy is not a lost link. They found some in Andhra Pradesh – it is everywhere in India – provided you look for it.
They should show these movies to the ruling minority – politicians, bureaucrats, experts, specialists, planners, the educationists and the self-proclaimed leaders, and the urban elite – before showing them to the world.
This “Soil Unrecognized Indian” is now being seen…

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  1. This is worth celebrating, but how many people know , or follow this, after almost 5 years of media coverage? Only in some pockets of the rural India , such practices are popular.Elsewhere it is greed, destruction and loss of lives.

    Awareness is slowly creeping in, the young are questioning, but the destruction wrought over 50 years cannot be reversed so easily.

    I do hope DDA multiplies and mushrooms in the country.

    1. In several of my posts I consistently try to find answers to the problem you mention here.
      One of them is Decentralization of Power, which the power-mongers will never agree. See for example, Reservation for Women in country's affairs and management. The only hope is the young. You said it rightly.