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Singur Land: Small Print - Fat Money

Small print - Fat money for Singur SEZ
by REmigius de Souza

Here is a news item that appeared in the Times of India, Mumbai Edition, on page number 23, a size 4 cm x 8 cm. We wonder who and how many may have noticed it.

Tatas and the media have done their duty to make it public. Of course, those filed the case in the Calcutta High Court must be aware about this verdict. So what next?

What remains to be seen is how the money would be disbursed, among whom? How much part the people would receive? How would be spent for the West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation, over the next 90 years? What may be the condition of Tata Motors in the fast changing environment of industry and natural resources? How long Tata Motors will continue to produce the same product, or will it change in the coming years? And what the long-term and short-term plans are for rehabilitation of the affected people? The government and its agencies may continue to get money from Tatas for 90 years, but who guarantees that people will continue to receive the compensation?

There are more questions than answers.

I quote the news here:

Tatas to pay Rs 1k cr for Singur land
Kolkata: Tata Motors on Wednesday informed the Calcutta high court that it would pay West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation an amount in the region of Rs 1,000 crore in a phased manner for the Singur land lease of 90 years for its small car project. Stating that the land was not gifted to the Tatas, their counsel produced the deed of lease executed between WBIDC and firm indicating the premium and rent that Tata motors would have to pay on different slabs of increase.
The case was heard by a bench of chief justice S S Nijjar and justice P C Ghose on a PIL challenging the acquisition of land at Singur. AGENCIES
Publication:Times Of India Mumbai; Date:Aug 23, 2007; Section:Times Business;
Page Number:21

The news get old very fast; life of people, land and waters, however, continues to get affected for decades, centuries, when planners and producers have passed away long ago.
Remigius de Souza

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