Tuesday, 4 December 2007

LIFE is not a matter

Life is not a matter

LIFE is neither a matter nor a concept. Life is larger than all religions and philosophies, arts and sciences, leave aside trades and technologies, and even the gods that civilization has invented in all the ages and places.

Our ego, however, is larger than Life. We deliver it in sugar-coated benevolent polite words. Here, entities become letters and numbers, and get divided and coded by deductive systems; we are devoid of sensitivity to Life.

We are not only dependent on others but also ignorant. We design the standards of living though utterly ignorant of worth of Life, not knowing how dependents are we on whom we depend.

We hide our inadequacies under verbal – physical cosmetics to face the naked facts of Life, or our egocentric vested interests shy away from facing them.

In that we don’t realize we become entities living in Virtual Reality, moving in virtual time, sustain on borrowed memories – from bygone PAST and/or speculated Futures.

In our Age of Trade and Technology, we equate Life with our elite hi-tech living standards.

Indeed, how many times do I proclaim, words, "My life"? I treat Life as if it is my possession, an object; as if I own Life. The fact, however, is that Life owns me; I am at mercy of Life; that Life is totally indifferent to my mind's tantrums. 

Life is ruthless, unkind unlike God that gets angry or loving.

Life isn’t a four letter word like Love, Work, Time… etc. 
I quote my short composition:NOTE


No more cannibalism
in any form
not even by proxy
as tomorrow's sun rises —
Alas, the night endless.
[Written on April 8, 1994, published online on June 4, 2001 on my poetry Homepage]

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©Remigius de Souza, all rights reserved.

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