Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Third side of coin

by Remigius de Souza

Third side of coin:

Aesthetics, Ethics and Economics

‘Two sides of coin’ is a common idiom in currency. ‘Aesthetics’ and ‘ethics’ could be the two sides of occupation, profession or vocation of architecture, or others. Yet there is a third side – the ‘edge’ – that is personal or collective on which the coin rolls or spins.
Economic currency in aesthetics of architecture, or built environment, in the capitalist society is a visible factor. Larger the currency denomination lesser is the edge. Hence a person or an establishment may strive to fatten the wad to gain the edge, where both the esthetic and ethical values diminish in reverse proportion that results in madness.

FLW’s mile high ego
Casts the shadow...

A missed target of 9/11.
Where do the pigeons dwell?

(14 October 2004)

(Mile high Tower by Frank Lloyd Wright.
Source: Google Image)

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