Friday, 27 July 2007

Of Titles and Awards

Of Titles and Awards
Space-time frame and beyond

It may suit
Rushdie to receive knighthood,
Tagore to accept Nobel Prize,
Sartre to reject Nobel Prize,
Remi − an unknown entity −
to reject conferred credibility
by feudal (slave) mentality,
within their space-time frame.

Tukaram, who returns the royal gifts
to King Shivaji, is beyond space-time.

Adivasis, rich in art of sustenance,
have no scriptures, no discourses,
until now, since time unknown: timeless.

(Tukaram: Saint-poet of Maharshtra India; Adivasi: the tribal or the aborigines)

Remigius de Souza
69-243 S B Marg, Mumbai 400028 India


  1. Remi, don't you think Tagore is a great poet?

  2. Hi FM,
    As long as we are overwhelmed by authority, leadership, expertise we we continue to grade/degrade people which is 'power-oriented'. thereby we deny others their rightful access to self-development.

    Over the ages we have neither really developed nor the planning and architecture is oriented towards flowering of of a "PERSON". The education too is oriented to development of "PERSONALITY" not a "PERSON".

    Thanks for your question.