Thursday, 22 February 2007

Remi’s Nightmare

Remi’s Nightmare
by Remigius de Souza

I run, run, run at a great speed.
And I think I cover a great distance.
After a while I start seeing around.
My wristwatch shows the hour-hand,
Minute-hand and second-hand are moving.
So I think I am moving with time.
What’s time?

I see there’s some kind of light,
But there’s no shadow – my shadow.
There’s no dusk or dawn, no day or night.
I see I’m running on an enormous wheel
That’ suspended in a great void endless.
Slowly I look I’m on the edge,
On the same spot in prehistory
Though running for a long, long time –
Machine time!

Then I notice the wheel I’m running upon;
It’s rotating at constantly great speed,
My body runs in opposite direction
By homeostasis and keeps herself up.
Shaken Remi wakes up sweating profusely,
In his nightmare rediscovers wheel
In post-historic time!

Remigius de Souza

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