Friday, 5 August 2016


Dynamic Water - Image by Remi de Souza

A drop of water moves in liquid, vapour, solid forms.
In the oceans it moves up and down, in currents – hot and cold. Vaporized it goes to sky. It drops on ground, percolates in the ground, moves in streams – visible or invisible – to ponds and oceans, or in plants, our bodies… in gutters of urban habitats, but there too it moves. It lives in the collectives. Water moves, also, in my body all over constantly: in blood, sweat, vomit, urine, faeces…
Water is dynamic: humans too are dynamic, being waterborne.
Yet I take water for granted; I don’t notice!
Water is an element to meditate upon.
                                                                        ― Remi de Souza (11-11-2013)

©Remigius de Souza, all rights reserved.

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